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About me

I am Judit Lőrinczy, I was born in 1982.
I am working as a prosecutor, and in my free time I like writing and painting. Some of my short stories were published in Hungarian SF magazines and anthologies, and I also had some art exhibitions in different Hungarian towns, including Budapest. My five minute play Forty-three seconds was performed at RADA (London, 2009).
I am an editor at the SFmag (a Hungarian site dedicated to speculative fiction) and at the LFG (a Hungarian site for fantasy and science fiction writers, gamers, RPG fans etc.).


ISF annual anthology 2012
Forty-three seconds (performed in London 2009, published on SFmag)
My five minutes of fame (a subjective account with photos about the London debut of my five minute play, published on SFmag)
Report from the Hungarian SF Convention - 2011 (published on World SF Blog and later on the Romanian SRSFF, they also published an interview in Romanian)
The Colors of Creation (short story, published on ISF, and later in their annual e-anthology
Interview with me on the ISF (pdf, interview by Cristian Tamas)
About my first novel Balancing Stones - The Other Battle of Stalingrad
Short story and introduction in Romanian, Helion Online

My gallery on Deviantart

E-mail: judlorin@gmail.com

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